Diana Bayardo

Dancer and choreographer graduated from the Professional School of Dance of Mazatlan and graduated in cultural management from the University of Guadalajara. Diana has worked in the dance companies Guadalajara en Movimiento, Delfos and tumàka't. Throughout her career she has danced in forums from Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, USA, Belize, Uruguay, Spain, Colombia, Panama, Austria and Brazil.

In 2010 she traveled to Merida, where she founded together with Gervasio Cetto makinadT an artistic platform and started INAMM with the aim of creating proposals for art and social development. In 2013 she joined Red Alterna a group of scenic artists from Yucatan.

Throughout her career she has received the support of FONCA Performing Artist 2009, the award for Female Performer at the IX Choreography  Héctor Chávez 2009, FONCA Young Creator 2015, FONCA Cultural Program for Art Development 2016 with the project Eco side B and FONCA Scenic Creator B 2017.

She teaches Movement Practice workshops and the Experiences in Transit Laboratory in art schools.

Currently she works on the piece Unfolding and collaborates with different artist as Olga Gutierrez in state of emergency; Karen de Luna in What We May Be; Paula González Pulsion, Testimonial Dance; Vanilton Lakka Copy a distance choreography; Festina Lente directed by David Brandstatter and Wireframe with Gervasio Cetto.