Gervasio Cetto

Scenic artist and cultural manager borned in Mexicali Baja California. Martial Artist with emphasis on Karate- Do, world champion in the category of Youth Black Belt Kata in 1997. He began his studies with Carmen Bojorquez and Tulio de la Rosa. He has worked with the mexican dance companies Antares, Foco al Aire and tumàka't contemporary dance presenting his work at festivals and venues in United States, Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, Brazil, Panama, Colombia, Belize, Austria and Mexico. 

Committed to create, produce and manage his artwork, he co directed the creative processes "Open" co-production Mexico-Uruguay, "Plane of Consistency" creative residency in Uruguay, "Artificial or Artifices" sonorous installation and "Eco" proposals of mákinadT.

With the clear vision of focusing his work towards research in the performing arts as well as in theory, he currently complies cultural management studies (UDGvirtual), with interest in developing artistic projects with social impact towards rising body awareness and a better comprehension of the practices and discourses of contemporary dance and somatic techniques. 

In 2013 he undertakes the Instituto Nacional de Asuntos del Movimiento de México INAMM, civil association partner and couched by the BMfB “Austrian Ministry of Movement Affairs”. Together they work to create the archive “Endangered Human Movements”. 

He received the grant as Interpreter PECDA 2004 and FONCA 2010. He also had the benefit Young Creator PECDA 2014 with Interplanetary project and Young Creator FONCA 2014-2015 with the piece Wíinklil art of selfdefense.