Henry Serrano

Mechatronics engineer graduate of the Autonomous University of Yucatán. He has experience in hardware and software, Developing technological devices to communicate with each other. Technology Based on Internet of things and Wearables are its approach to research. He has received awards such as the "Business Innovation Prize 2014 Santander" and "State Youth Award 2012 Yucatan".

Throughout his career, he has developed embedded systems, microcontrollers as Atmel, Ram, Cypress and Texas Instruments; design of analog and digital circuits; Printed in graphic design software circuits. He has supervised assembly services and manufacture of printed circuit boards; Technology startups in the area of Research and Development.

Currently his working with Machina as lead software developer; mákinadT as technology consultant and programmer, and is co-founder and director of "Vanderdroid" a company that revolutionizes the way in which people interact with their homes. Using the technology "Internet of Things", designs and develops automation services to energy efficiency.