Diego Cano

Originally from the city of Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Graduated from the Bachelor of Arts in Music, School of Arts of Yucatan; With a specialization in composition and new technologies. 

At the age of seventeen, he ventures into the field of music production and audio engineering in a self-taught way, a virtue that has made possible his development in his multiple professional activities in an agile and precise way. 

In addition, he acquired experience in the field of image, studying photography in 2008, thanks to workshops given by the Autonomous University of Yucatan. Diego has distinguished himself by his wide versatility in the scene, being developed in the field of the composition of contemporary music, based on the new technologies; Interactive installations, stage theater music, performance.

He is currently part of the contemporary dance company MákinadT, in addition to developing personal projects in which he includes programming, sound landscape, electronic music and lighting. He also works on product photography and portrait photography independently. 

Among his most outstanding works are: 

- Su'utul / The meeting of two worlds. Series of electroacoustic music compositions with Mayan language. PECDA 2015, presented in 2016. 

- The Cube / Micro Environments, Mobile Ecosystems. Sound and interactive installation. Created through the integration of the sound landscape in conjunction with programming and video projection technologies. (Supported by the Municipal Fund for the Development of Music and Performing Arts 2015 and presented in 2016).