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Walkers (2020). Interdisciplinary work that highlights the aquatic, aerial and terrestrial origin of human ancestors to recognize them in our own bodies and the environment.

Wireframe (2018) Choreographic-architectural installation in which performers create a universe of actions that open the hidden possibilities in space.

Display (2018) Choreography for urban spaces based on ballroom dance. As part of the creative process, three layers of participation are contemplated between professional dancers, in training and amateurs of dance, to intervene in the public space.

Echo side B (2016) Work that explores with the voice, the breath and the corporal memory to evoke experiences linked to the primary impulses, the survival and the ritual. 

Interplanetary (2014) The work presents a scenario in which the first contact between the human race and two aliens from another planet takes place. Both races try to start a dialogue but there is no previous reference. 

Artificial or Artifices (2013) Installation and performance that explores movement in all its facets. Through a sensor system, a dialogue between the body and the sound is proposed, which generates a stimulating environment for the public, making it an active participant in the creative experience.


  • 01_ecomike_warren.jpg

    Eco 2014

  • wireframe_foto_emmanuel_tatto.jpg

    WireFrame 2019

  • 01_artificialoartificiosandy_castro.jpg

    Artificial o Artificios 2013

  • _mg_0104.jpg

    Eco lado B 2016

  • atocha_interplanetario_06.jpg

    Interplanetario 2015

  • despliegue15360646431.jpg

    Despliegue 2018