Pulse, testimonial dance in collaboration with Bunker Merida. Work that uses improvisation games that are fed by texts provided by the public, allowing us to reflect on what we are individually and collectively.

state of emergency in collaboration with Laboratorio puntoD. Choreography around coherence, ritual and emergence in body movement.

Festina Lente in collaboration Shift, Laboratorio pundoD and CEPRODAC. Work that uses the game as a means for the public and dancers to get moving.

What We May Be in collaboration with Proyecto al Margen. Instructive to dance from everyday experiences such as listening to music, calling by phone, watching the clock, walking, etc.

Copy in collaboration with Vanilton Lakka. How to create a collaborative choreography at a distance with the current technological possibilities?

Shared Hallucination in collaboration with Javier Álvarez. Choreography-partiture composed of scenes that gradually incorporate sound and visual elements, which open the hidden possibilities to our immediate perception.

Consistency Plan in collaboration with Perro Rabioso. Work where the experimentation between the corporal and the sound in the scene is fused live to open a space of experimentation to the viewer.

Open, the body as a reference in collaboration with Tamara Cubas y Alonso Alarcón. Program composed of two pieces that take as a starting point the work of creation and interpretation of dancers and musicians.


Experiences in Transit 

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