Experiences in Transit

Project to share our creative processes with the arts education sector and provide a place where students have the opportunity to capture what happened in the laboratory.

The educational spaces where we have carried out this project are:

CEDART - INBAL José Clemente Orozco (GDL), Juan Rulfo (Colima), Miguel Bernal Jiménez (Morelia), Ignacio Mariano de las Casas (Querétaro), Frida Kahlo (CDMX), Luis Spota (CDMX), Diego Rivera (CDMX), Miguel Cabrera (Oaxaca), Ermilo Abreu Gomez (MID), Alfonso Reyes (MTY) and dance students from the State Center of Fine Arts Yucatan (CEBA) and the Grupo Especial Becado (MID) of the Yucatan Dance Conservatory that directs the company Créssida Dance.

Project supported by the National Fund for Culture and the Arts and SGEIA-INBA.


Collaboration with other artist



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