Shared Allucination

The structure is made up of scenes that gradually incorporate audio and visual elements, which open the hidden possibilities to our immediate perception.

During the creative process, the interest of the dancers to explore other ways of being in the scene, led to the interaction of the body with a musical instrument composed of sensors that can read muscle actions and gestures of the arms. Relationship similar to having a musician playing his instrument.


Direction: mákinadT and Javier Álvarez

Choreography and performers: Gervasio Cetto and Diana Bayardo*

Musical composition: Javier Álvarez and Elías Puc

Programming: Henry Serrano 

Costume design: Agueda Leon - Textile Designs

Community manager and production: Rafael Ávalos

Video and photo: Alejandro Atocha

Project supported by Imaginary Space 2014 through the Choreographic Center and Production of Morelos and the Mexican Center for Music and Sonic Arts, as by the Municipal Fund for the Performing Arts and Music Merida City 2015.

* Choreography Fellow FONCA Young Creators 2015-2016 .

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